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By giving a compassionate, honest and heartfelt account of her own experiences, Terri echoes the silent frustration, challenges and calm wisdom of caregivers all over the world. Valuable for the caregiver—and for those who come in contact with them daily—this book also gives practical survival tips and insight for everyone in the human community.

The Carousel Horse Named Comfort: A Sequel to Riding the Care-Go-Round 

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Terri Robinson, teacher and writer, was abruptly faced with the tough demands of caregiving. Her husband’s sudden stroke while her children were young changed their lives as a family forever. Realizing that her caretaking had even deeper roots and a wider reach starting with the death of her own father, she shares these insights with her new book, Riding the Care-Go-Round: A Caregiver’s Journey.

Through her engaging and practical storytelling, Terri shares the trials and innermost feelings of a caregiver. She shares answers to these kinds of deep, hard questions

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The reception of Terri Robinson's first book written for and about caregivers, "Riding the Care Go Round", is now followed with the sequel, bringing her journey to the present. "The Carousel Horse Named Comfort" describes how the intervening years have enriched her in a myriad of ways. Robinson speaks for and about caregivers, to reassure them they are not alone. Just like the carousel horses who change position as they move up and down, the life of a caregiver also does the same as it goes round and round. She invites her readers into the journey she continues to walk and where she turns for strength and wisdom.

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Riding the Care-Go-Round: A Caregiver’s Journey